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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Homophily blog 2 plan

Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to briefly post up my ideas on my structure for blog 2 and hopefully get some feedback.

My question is: Homophily: What is it? Discuss in relation to examples from your own life.

I want to discuss:

homophily history

homophily types

homophily differences for gender, age etc

possible homophily causes

homophily theory

homophily research

While interlinking examples from my own life (i.e family, friends and partner's). I was going to use my own examples in a separate area but after thinking about flow I have decided it may work best if my examples are given after information about homophily...

I am not sure which order things need to go in yet - just playing around with it for the moment.

I have also found other blogs on homophily which I will link to and hopefully link to within my post...

Homophily and Association

The limits of homophily

Homophily Theory

Thanks! any feedback is welcome...


James Neill said...

You're turning up some interesting resources, Zoe.

Just a bit of general advice - dedicate most of your content to theory/research. Examples are required but the marking criteria emphasises theory/research.

You could possibly present examples as part of a table/figure, with summary description/referencing in-text.

Just a thought.

jbn said...

how about doing a concept map with your examples? that way it wont get confused without your text but it shows that you have thought 'outside the square' ?