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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mental Health Foundation

This post is in reference to a post made by Bec.

This blog reminded me of a mental health group that I visited a few months back (while researching for another assignment). I sat in on the Mental Health Foundation meeting one night and the members consisted mainly of family members who were caring for a child or sibling with a mental illness. It was amazing to hear their first hand accounts of how people and also organisations treat both them and their family members simply because of the stigma attached to mental illness. Furthermore, I receive emails from the Mental Health Foundation surrounding meeting minutes and upcoming meeting agendas. Unfortunately I haven't had time time to make it back to another meeting but it is interesting keeping upto date with the latest information. There are a few different organisations out there however I have added a link to the Mental Health Foundation website in case anyone is interested.

It would be really interesting to hear about anyone else's experiences or knowledge surrounding the stigma of mental illness as this is something that really interests me.


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lona said...

hi Zpeel
thank you, this is articles is really new experince for me. learn few things in its related for my life style.
Zoe's social foundation doing great work. Goodluck for that foundation.
Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis