This is for my Social Psychology class - for assessment and communication. I hope you find my thoughts interesting and please feel free to comment!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Hi Everyone,
On a lighter note (and probably because the idea of reinforcements are on my mind - thanks to learning) I have found that the sudden new addition of that second light bulb has really encouraged me to strive harder with my blog. (I am referring to the list of all blogs - with the lightbulbs indicating an active blog). As silly as that may sound, for me achieving that second light bulb seems as though it will be the consequence for my behaviour and efforts on this blog. Any tips on how to reach that goal? :)

I find this an interesting concept within the idea of social psychology as from such a thing as a light bulb picture, motivation has been elicited in me. This makes me ponder how other factors in life motivate people into action... such a small idea but such a large effect.

I'd like to know if anyone else has similar thoughts or if studying has just driven me mad - any comments welcome!



Kara said...

Hi Zoe.. Hahaha I was just sitting here reading your blog and I was like "what on earth is she going on about, I dont know what light bulb theory she is talking about? in all my years of psych Ive never heard of a 'second lightbulb'." Hahah then it clicked! haha
sorry.. I don't have any useful tips for you, just thought I'd share my story of confusion. hehe :)

ZPeel said...

Opps, sorry about that, maybe I should have explained that better :) Thanks for your comment I will update my post later.

James Neill said...

Zoe - It took me a bit too - before it clicked! - :). You'll be pleased to know I just added lightbulb#2 for your blog because your blog and comments have clearly indicated active engagement with not just social psychology, but as this post indicates, with other aspects of your study as well, as well as critical reflection/question, etc. That's pretty much everything and more than was expected. Well done.