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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Blog 1 summary of ideas

Well I have finally chosen my topic after much deliberation. I have posted a brief outline of my blog plan as I am pondering how to structure it. Any thoughts/tips/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Question summary: relationships between prejudice, stereotyping and aggression. how these 3 social psychological concepts influence each other with reference to theory and research. Helpful to include other related socio-psychological concepts in your concept map.


Introduction - brief outline of essay key points

Paragraph 1 (Discuss the concept of prejudice) Within social psychology, prejudice holds an important position, particularly in reference to racial discrimination (Bethlehem, 1985).

Paragraph 2 (Discuss the concept of stereotyping)

Paragraph 3 (Discuss the concept of aggression)

Paragraph 4 (describe how these 3 social psychological concepts influence each other - using theory and research). Using examples from the Rwandan genocide (Ghosts of Rwanda Video (post youtube version) and Australian Eye - Jane Elliot (link to webpage - video).

Conclusion - summarise key points

Bethlehem, D. W. (1985). A social psychology of prejudice. UK: Croom Helm. (Check format)



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James Neill said...

quick thoughts:
- note the questions asks for your understanding of how these concepts influence one another - the concept map can be particularly useful for organising and communicating your thinking around this
- the wikipedia hyperlinks are useful - well done; also, however, ensure you use primary referencing of key theoretical and research-related material; textbooks can also be relevant