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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Appendix A: Self-assessment

Appendix A: Self-assessment

1. Theory
In regard to the relationships between prejudice, stereotyping and aggression many different theories were available. I had to pick the theories carefully based on what they offered to my blog and the integration they involved between the concepts of prejudice, stereotyping and aggression. I feel the theories I discussed were important to the topic, however it is important to acknowledge that other theories exist and the few that I chose are not the only theories for consideration within this area. In retrospect I feel I could have gone into more depth on some key theories as opposed to briefly discussing the theories I chose.

2. Research
I found within this area of research, some of the older classical experiments were discussed. It was difficult to fully flush out the details of each research and consequently I added links to more information if they were available. Due to the word count discussing the full details of all the research was difficult therefore I provided links to assist the reader’s task. In retrospect, I would like to have included more research into the key themes and flush out the main points within the research. In addition, it would have been useful to discuss the research findings in conjunction with my conceptual model in more depth. Also in retrospect using current research may have strengthened by blog, although while researching for this blog, I found current research was difficult to locate. Even so, I would endeavour to search harder next time.

3. Written Expression
Readability analysis:
Flesch Reading Ease 5.5
Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level 12.0

I found I got inconsistent results from using the readability analysis tools. Therefore I do not know exactly what figures I should be reporting. On the same text I got three different scores. I am pleased with my Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level as 12.0 was a recommended level. This score was originally higher, however I altered some vocabulary and this brought the level down to 12.0. However, I am very displeased with my Flesch Reading Ease of 5.5. I feel this was probably due to my sentence length and possibility even because of the in text referencing used. Therefore in retrospect I would check these analyses sooner and therefore have appropriate time to edit and aim for better readability. Next time I will particularly pay attention to my sentence length.

I used APA format of referencing both in-text and in my reference list. I am fairly confident with using APA format and I feel my blog will reflect my knowledge of APA style effectively.

I have added a concept map displaying my interpretation of the relationship between prejudice, stereotyping and aggression which should assist a reader’s understanding. I made reference to my concept map within my blog and tried to adequately link the two appropriately.

I feel the layout and style of my blog is easy to read as I adjusted the font, size and colour to make it easier to read. I realise this is an important aspect for readability and I feel this criteria is appropriately met.

In retrospect I feel my concept map could have been improved, by showing in more details the interconnectedness of prejudice, stereotyping and aggression.

4. Online Engagement
I feel I have participated well as a member of the online community, I have written several blogs surrounding common themes in social psychology, including blogs on: amazing grace, a follow-up of amazing grace part 2, social experiments, ideas surrounding this blog and a draft concept map for this blog topic. In addition I have commented on others blogs, some of which surrounded communication, stereotyping and attitude change. At first I was daunted by the concept of online blogging but I feel I have progressed, in regard to my own ideas and blogs but also in commenting on others blogs, over the last few weeks. I intend to continue my active online engagement as I find this form of communication really exciting and fresh. I am hoping to improve my knowledge surrounding the technological aspects of blogging and I hope to continue to think and write exciting blogs which elicit responses from my fellow online community members.

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