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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Big 5 Personality Result

After reading Rebecca's post surrounding her blog 2 topic I followed the link and participated in the online test of the big five personality factors. My results can be seen at I'm a O41-C86-E79-A63-N27 Big Five!!. My results somewhat surprised me, compared to results I have received on other tests for the big five personality factors. In particular being higher or lower on certain traits. However, others seemed quite accurate. I think using online tests can be quite fun for a brief description of personality traits however I feel my answers may differ depending on my mood, situation etc. Nevertheless it was still a quick and fun test. It would be interesting to know if anyone else finds their result similar or opposing previous test results...


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Rebecca said...

Hiya Zoe,

I agree with you that we need to keep in mind that internet tests are quick and easy. Perhaps with the ability to quickly assess we are losing some quality as the questioning isn't as rigorous. Most of the literature I've read around personality claims it stays pretty stable.

A number of years ago at work we spent a half day being assessed using the meyers-briggs testing. We then received a big workbook explaining our results - that certainly doesn't happen on the interenet!

BTW - not sure why the link for wouldn't work? Maybe try copying into your browser address bar if it won't play ball?

Anyway, I've really enjoyed looking at your blog, thanks for taking the time to look at mine and comment :-)