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Monday, September 24, 2007

YouTube video - Social Psychology Project

Hi Everyone,
While searching through YouTube for videos surrounding social psychology I found this video. It follows the reactions of people when they believe a 'mad woman' is wandering around. It made me think what would my reaction be, as I sometimes I see 'strange' characters on the street but I usually just go about my business.

Please let me know what you think and also how you feel you would react. Has anyone seen anything like this in real life? and how did it make you think/feel?


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Kara said...

Hey Zoe!
I was just thinking about the response that people gave to the 'strange' woman. When I saw a few children having a good stare it triggered something from our Learning class. You know how we leant how some fears can be learnt, I wonder if our reaction to these strange characters can be learnt too. Im thinking it might be a mixture of learnt reactions and shock from seeing something that is a bit 'abnormal'. Or maybe they are the same thing. Now Im confused! Anyway interesting clip!